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CHARM 2016

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VIII International Workshop on Charm Physics
September 5-9, 2016 - Bologna - Italy

CHARM 2016

LHCb Week 2015

77th LHCb Collaboration Week
September 14-18, 2015 - Bologna - Italy

LHCb Week 2015

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"In this changing world we must have the goal of changing Europe ..."

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"... We need to make ours the European federalist Altiero Spinelli's dream, the idea that peace could be brought to the continent by breaking down boundaries, universalizing rights, building up a new social model. Let's encourage our young people to work abroad, to be educated inside European enterprises and bureaucracy. Once back in Italy their experience will be useful to the Country. We often complain we are unlucky and poorly protected by EU funds. Well, the EU committees count very few Italians within them.

We must encourage as much as possible our young people working there. Europe is now experiencing a social as well as an institutional crisis which are much more connected than we usually say. The European political model is a model of co-operation, co-decision, collaboration and mediation between different positions. That is only possible in a society which is not torn, fearful and impoverished as today's society is in almost all European countries.

Defending and maintaining the European social model is the best way to make the political Europe more functional and strong, because you cannot hide that the current crisis and the dismantling of the welfare system, that had been in place for twenty years, contributed enormously to the growth of movements that are at the same time (not accidentally) Eurosceptics, xenophobic, sexist, authoritarian. This is why it is important to affirm European economic policies that combat financial capitalism, move wealth from income to work and make social rights universal. "

from "There is a better Italy" (ed. Fandango - pages 107-108),
Image from "The Rape of Europa" by Titian

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