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Who we are

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Language Services, Communication and Meeting Organizing in Bologna.

Cecilia Grilli has been at the head of the company, with more than 40-years experience in the market language facilities and of public relations. Since 1977 and throughout the '80s as a founding partner and as a president of the first Italian co-operative of translators and interpreters, she has been developing a high-level experience in services for international communication, mostly supplied to the local public bodies and production companies.

In 1990, EUROMEETING was born out of this experience. A company specializing in event design and organizing in the field of business relations and cultural communication aimed at promoting local resources within an international outlook.

From 1996 to 2003 it was Senior Partner at Comunicatori Associati, a company established together with other Fe.R.P.I. (Italian Federation of Public Relations) colleagues, for a 360° all-around communication.

EUROMEETING was for long time a support for individuals, companies and agencies working from different  the district areas into the international cultural framework.

An overall system for communication, which specializes in language services, event organizing and international relations.

How do we work

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Specific skills for project designing and a smooth-running structure.

A rich network of specialised consultants and experts set up through a long-standing co-operation.

A well-knit design and co-ordination group capable of putting in place professional resources and managing complex processes of institutional communication, event organizing, promotional campaigns, and much more, through well-established procedures. They are:

  • Listening to Customers' demands
  • Defining communication goals
  • Establishing consistent strategy to reach expected results
  • Project planning
  • Suitable tooling
  • Operational co-ordination
  • Turn-key supply

Our corporate philosophy is based on full and open support of company's staff and active co-operation with Customers' main suppliers (e.g.: press office, advertising agencies, graphic design, etc..)

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